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Factor 4a (Graw Böckler)

The Food of others (Anna Berger)

Lo! What a radiation! (Robin Sander)

Ampelsitzen (Michel Klöfkorn)

Law of Celly (Mariola Brillowska)

no copyright (Graw Böckler)

Ad Benders (Markus Frohnhöfer & Jörg Ritter)

Mediacard (Ulu Braun)

Commercial for an idea ,that is already in your head (Johanna Domke & Tarje Eikanger Gullaksen)

Computer Consume (Graw Böckler)

trailer for espero, the world's first esperanto sitcom (La Loko)

Dromlin (Alexej Tchernyi)

Fitness Train (Yvette Klein)

Highway Lift (Timothée Ingen-Housz)

Factor 4b (Graw Böckler)

Dance without Music (Graw Böckler)

True Colours (Graw Böckler)

Finger Bangin´(Ted Passon)

passionately vague (Oliver Husain)

Old people to the Army (Graw Böckler)

Cause of Death (Céline Keller & Paula Spagnoletti)

oxygen positive 01 (Brendan McNamee)

oxygen positive 02 (Brendan McNamee)

inter-species-footpathes (Stepanek & Victoria / Graw Böckler)

extra: True Colours Remix (Graw Böckler) music video for popnoname "no man´s land" remixed by heiko voss

"Ideas for Europe - 21 Commercials for a Concept" is a project by Graw Böckler. Commissioned by the 53rd International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2007. Sponsored by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany.