commercial for a concept

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40 Commercial for an idea, that is already in your head

directed by Johanna Domke & Tarje Eikanger Gullaksen play clip

Sitting in front of our TV-set, we are used to receive information in compact small portions of TV-clips that fills us with knowledge about commercial goods.

"Commercial for an idea, that is already in your head" invites the viewer for the time of a TV-clip to reflect over his own potential ideas and thoughts inside his head. Instead of being infiltrated by capitalistic strategies this clips throws the viewer back to himself and demands active participation.

"This is a Commercial for an idea, that is already in your head" dwells upon the origin of ideas and its relation to language. By disordering the relationship between the screen/message and the viewer/receiver it aims to confront the potentiality of the viewer´s own thoughts.

"The secret at the origin of all creatures is the letter of the alphabet and every letter is a sign that refers to creation. Just as the scribe holds his pen in his hand and uses it to draw several drops of ink picturing in his mind the form that he wants to give to matter, so similar acts are performed in the higher and lower realms of creation (in all these gestures, the scribes hand is the living organ moving the inanimate pen used as an instrument to make ink flow onto the pergamen, which represents the body, the subject of matter and form)"

Abraham Abulafia (ca. 1240 - 1290)