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38 passionately vague directed by Oliver Husain play clip

"This is my favourite bar, but I hate their tapas."

"I hate dolphins because they´re rapists."

"I love god, but I hate religion."

"I HATE Ketchup - but I LOVE Mayonnaise."

Opinions, attitudes, mindsets - doesn´t it feel exhausting sometimes to adopt a position on everything? Wouldn´t you wish to be less involved?

Take your stance! Speak your mind! Express your beliefs! - These slogans are imposed on your brain from earliest age - but they don´t have to stay there!

The imperative of defining yourself through standpoints, through taste and style, is designed to make you miserable. Designed to fit you into a society of competition, of a fight for distinction and superiority - an idea of society which will never be yours, anyway!

Having an opinion will always make you compromise. Even in the politics of daily life, it is impossible to stay 100% true to your ethical and aesthetical standards. In turn, it will make you feel guilty, inadequate and wishy washy.

But why? Remove yourself from the terrors of preferences!

Get rid of your judgmental mindset!

Be vague - be !!

Goodbye, haters - and goodbye lovers!

Leave the pros and cons behind.

Discover a metric system beyond the metric!

Being will truly liberate you from the regime of your opinions.

Imagine conversations that skip the boring exchange of attitudes - getting right to the point of not having to have a point...

Imagine seeing the world around you in a new light,

the leveling light of being .

Being will cover the disasters and ugliness of the world around you with a cozy layer of blurred indifference.