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26 - moral sense on plates

Eating is killing - at least indirectly - of living creatures. This dying caused by me makes me want to have a clear attitude towards it. The question is: which? To make no animals dy because of me I become a vegetarian and eat only plants. Or: to let animals live a life which is appropriate to the species I only eat bio meat and bio fish. I prefer to consume vegetables. The vegetables you need to fatten for example a cow can feed a lot of people. To let animals have a life appropriate to the species I vote for the Animal Party. The point is not to change yourself but the laws. Each creature has the same value. To make as less as possible creatures dy I eat only big ones: cows, wales or pumpkins and no crabs, ants or peas. Cows and pigs are not in danger to dy out. To save their production I eat as many of them as I can. It´s all question of my moral sense on plates.

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flyer by jacqueline klein