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19 cause of death directed by Céline Keller & Paula Spagnoletti

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Noone but the ones who survive can tell us about the borderline between life and death. The ones who didn´t make it remain silent. But the experiences about diseases and dangers for life the dead made are at least as important as the ones make who survive. It´s a bit like a film. The mistakes and things you shouldn´t do are obvious when you see a bad film, which is never shown on TV or in the cinema. How can we exploit the experiences of the dead. Maybe a cemetery is the best place. Tombstones tell you the birthday and the date somebody died bur never how or why. So if we could read the reasons why one died we could watch out for real dangerous situations. If we read how a car accident did happen, for example: "she crossed the street when the traffic light was green and was killed by car." the dead can share their experiences with us. Either not to do the same ot to learn that you can´t change destiny. Or they can tell us how to grow really old: "Eat a hamburger every morning and don´t forget to put sugar on it." A wonderful, inspired graveart can be developed. If you could even see pictures of why someone died our relation to life and death would become more intense.

concept: Graw Böckler

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