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16 - Körperkraftwerk / stop senseless sports!

provided by Donald Lessau / Michael Heydebreck

body power stations provided by Donald Lessau deutsche version

Electricity is becoming more and more expensive. The resources of oil will not last forever. The human population is growing fatter and sits idle. Some of us are motivated by their vain to go gyms where they using their muscle power produce warmth which is not used. That is my point. The energy being wasted in gyms has to be converted to electricity. The gyms will be electrictyfarms. You install an electricty meter in every fitnessmachine. You will be paid for the electricty you produce. Sports will be worth it. There are a lot of positive effects of the body power stations:

(1) We will be independent from the oil resources.

(2) deprivation of the power of electricity companies.

(3) We do a lot of sports to earn money and do something for our health.

(4) deprivation of the power of big pharma companies and the health care becomes much cheaper

(5) unemployed people even those who have no good education find in the body power stations a job which is socially respected and makes sense

(6) the rate of unemployment will decrease rapidly and sets money free for other things

stop senseless sports! provided by Michael Heydebreck

sports is, except for the one who does it, a waste of time, energy, sweat and tears. Why can´t everybody who runs, rides his bike, carries heavy weights do something sensible at the same time he does something for his health (or against it). There are endless facilities how to get a practical advantage from all kinds of sports.

People running in gyms on their machines shouldn´t waste the electricity but produce it. Like a hamster. An easy way for everybody to earn money, stay healthy and protect the environment. Poorer people without a job who are in danger to drink too much and watch TV all day would go to gymnastic halls instead.

Everybody who loves to go by bike can do the same with a dynamo which saves electricity in a battery. You produce your own energy. Or even better he can give a short call to a need-center, tells it how long he wants to ride, at what time and the person at the other side of the line would ask him to bring packets from there to there or food for elder people who can´t go shopping anymore or if you want to go real fast: deliver a pizza!

The ones who love to throw something a long distance: tell them where a house is built in the neighbourhood to throw and carry all the heavy stuff.

Teamsports: put a dynamo in the ball!

Michael Heydebreck

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