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8 - day of the headscarf provided by Annette Graw

In the morning I use to listen to Deutschland Radio Kultur. Quite often the speakers report about special days like Day of the Tree, Day of the Children, Day of the Woman, Day of the Dog etc. etc.

While I was listening an idea came to my mind. Why not proclame a Day of the Headscarf? Permantly, at least here in Germany, people discuss whether it´s alright or not muslims wearing headscarfs in school or public agencies if they work, learn or simply go there.

It´s seems to be totally forgotten that it is not long ago (in our own western tradition) that it was expected from every female adult to wear a headscarf or a hat. The headgear represented your social standing: perukes for the noble or royals, mobcaps for the bourgeois, headscarfs for the rural population. The style of the headscarfs became more and more artistic. Headscarfs were only be worn at special events. To only mention some of them: the "Bollenhut" in Glottertal in the Black Forest or the "Linter Goldhauben" in Austria.

Isn´t it a question of solidarity with each female muslim in our land, in whole Europe, remembering our past before emancipatian, before the Enlightment took place to proclame the Day of the Headscarf? A day in November when it is cold outside anyway would be a nice month to celebrate it, wouldn´t it?

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