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4 - highway lift directed by timothée ingen-housz play clip

This seems to be an old idea. Each time I enter the Highway I don´t get it: hundreds of people driving on the same road in the same direction. Everybody fully concentrated, turning the wheel at the same point, accelerate, break, accelerate... for hundreds of kilometers, during hours and hours. Aren´t we in the 21st century? This should be automated! If there was a device that leads cars in the Highway until the destinated exit, one could work, sleep, play, do many things instead of staring at the street as if it was to disappear at any moment. No it won´t. The Highway is always there and it always has a fixed route. An "Highway lift" for example would fullfill this purpose in a mechanical way. When the cars enter the Highway they are to be attached to the lift until the destinated exit where the lift just releases the cars. If functions analogous to a skiing lift, just for cars. Since it is only for Highways and the normal Streets are driven in the usual fashion it provides an Interface between private and public transportation. This lift would prevent car accidents in Highways altogether since it keeps the distance between the cars fixed and has all kinds of safety routines if a cars´ wheel is broken for example. Since this system is using the existing infrastructure of Highways it wouldn´t be that expensive. And if one calculates the thousands of hours people can use for better purposes instead of turning the wheel - econonomicly spoken - this system will pay itself. It´s possible to start with only a few "Highway lifts" and later install more. The car owners can decide for themselves if and when they want their cars to be modified according to the requests of the "Highway lift" since there still exists the paralel infrastructure of normal streets.

concept provided by graw böckler