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3 - faktor 4 provided by graw böckler

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Sometimes your flat seems to be a bit small. Maybe it´s you who is too big? If you were some times smaller the size of your student dig would be immense. Inserted ceilings could give you even more space. In our modern world of employment, in which physical power doesn´t play an important role anymore, small people are well adapted. When you handle electronic equipment you have the impression of being too big. Each car will turn out to be a bus which may transport far more people using less fuel. A whole town can go on holidays in one aeroplane. Small people spend less energy and of course need less food. The worldwide resources last much longer. Big animals become dangerous for humans again. So they have to stand together in a new solidarity. Wars will rise more seldom. The genetic intervention could downsize mankind to a healthy way of being. In every respect. Of course there will be some who will have a quite critical perspective. These ones might be convinced by financial incentives.

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