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1 - Interpreter cellular

Europe is one. Except for the language. You find in Europe more than 30 different languages. Some people learn French, Spanish,, Portuguese or even German and almost everybody is able to say some words in English. Except for the very well educated, a kind of "pidging english" has become the way to communicate to each other inside Europe. To make Europe more accessible for everybody we suggest to invent a device that translates your language to the language of the person you are talking to: the interpreter cellular. If you talk to someone on the mobile phone, your words are send to a computer device, translated and transferred to the native language of the person you are talking to. In the Beginning it even could be a simultaneous interpreter who does the job. This simultaneous interpreter can be any place in the world, for example in India. The service doesn´t need to be expensive. Later on an automatic device will translate your words into the language of the interlocutor. The interpreter cellular can be easily integrated into daily life. You just have to call the person next to you to talk to this person without language barriers. Even love relations are possible without understanding a single word of your lovers language. Imagine the improvement in economical and personal matters within Europe the interpreter cellular will provide. And the necessary technology for automatic translations is already available. It just has to be improved.

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