commercial for a concept

ideas for europe

1 interpreter cellular

2 old people to the army (clip)

3 factor 4 (clip 1), (clip 2)

4 highway lift (clip)

5 computer consume (clip)

6 secret privatisation

7 get norway

8 kopftuchtag / day of the headscarf

9 staatsbürgerschaftstausch / exchange of citizenship

10 erste sprache: zeichensprache / first foreign language: sign language

11 fitnesszug / fitness train (clip)

12 bahnhofsbibliothek / station library

13 an eye for an eye (music)

14 tv solarium (deutsch) / tv solarium (english)

15 art-übergreifende-wanderwege / inter-species footpathes

16 körperkraftwerk / body power station

17 schlaraffenland für alle / paradise for everybody

18 Institutionalizing Travel

19 cause of death (deutsch) / cause of death (english) (clip)

20 play tennis

21 farbe bekennen / true colours (clip) (remix)

22 bitte lass mich bei rot über die ampel gehen / please, allow me to jump the red light

23 synchron sprechen / speak synchronously

24 das handygesetz (clip)

25 dance without music (clip)

26 moral auf dem teller / moral sense on plates

27 flugzeug restaurant / airplane restaurant

28 land for free - die stadt der pioniere

29 media card (clip)

30 gesellschaft des gütertauschs

31 i-direkt

32 marlboro man

33 sehet, welch eine strahlung! / lo! what a radiation (clip)

34 ad benders (clip)

35 water wheel generator

36 dromflat (clip)

37 ampelsitzen (clip)

38 passionately vague (clip)

39 esperanto relaunch (clip)

40 commercial for an idea that is already in your head (clip)

41 no copyright by graw böckler (clip)

42 finger bangin´ by ted passon (clip)

43 das essen der anderen / the food of others by anna berger(clip)

44 oxygen positive by brendan mcnamee (clip 1), (clip 2)

A series of "commercials for a concept" promoting "ideas for europe" regarding our public and personal lives. "ideas for europe" has been presented at 53rd International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2007 and will be published as a DVD by "Raum fuer Projektion".

We search for ideas, concepts or inventive products that could be promoted with a commercial. The ideas will be published here. Each video director chose one of the presented ideas to produce a commercial for it. Please send ideas or concepts to Ursula Böckler & Georg Graw at Let us know if you have further questions. Thank you.

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